Army drop from a peace-loving label.

WINDBREAKER pants, which you can style differently every time, for example according to your mood or outfit. Thanks to the removable rubber bands at the ankles, you can do whatever you want with your pants. Tighten them and roll them up, leave them loose and let your pants fall loosely on your sneakers, whatever. WINDBREAKER pants obviously look best with a WINDBREAKER jacket and bucket hat.

Read more details which you will find there:

Pocket on the right back side.
Two front pockets with twisted zippers.
Embroidered Life is Porno under the right front pocket.
Embroidered I Love Porno on the back side.
Elastic waistband.
Rubber at the ankles for #onfire styling.
Life is Porno chain that you can either take off or hang where it will make you happy.


63 €

Dry clean
Don’t ever iron directly
And make sure your Life is Porno

COLOR: Green
Material: 100% polyester