Life is Porno TRUCKER HAT

New Trucker Hat. Because A.C.A.B.: All Caps Access Backstage. Warning watch your cap when you party hard. It may disappear.

Drive a truck, eat a duck, listen your favourite track in new Life is Porno Trucker hat. You should appreciate the sixties for bringing this comfortable gem in which you will not have a headache thanks to the mesh section. You can bend your knees, elbows and the peak to the extreme like the “nail” and … you know what? Do whatever you want with the new Trucker.

If you have a small or a big head, it is ok. Use the strap for a better fitting and feeling.

36 €
Embroided Rumpel’s head
Appliqué logo
Color: Black
Size: Universal
100% Cotton
Made in China

No washing machine, common!
Use your hands (or a toothbrush) to wash.
No iron, no irony.
Say YES to your new Cap.