A Sunday suit, aka a tracksuit that historically saw the light of the 1939 swag world.
In the sixties Franz Beckenbauer, in the seventies Bruce Lee, in the eighties RUN-DMC, in the nineties Missy Elliott and then you know it.
The tracksuit is one of the most iconic pieces of sportswear ever created and still worn by everyone, from rock stars to you.

It is clear that you need to have this in your wardrobe, but you are definitely looking forward to the Life is Porno details that make TRACKSUIT PANTS unique.

Lace around the waist. Tighten or loosen? Depends on you.
Two zip pockets with Life is Porno ending.
Embroidered Rumple head at the left pocket.
Endless Life is Porno inscriptions that form imaginary stripes on the outside.
Zippers at the inside of the ankle to the middle of the calf. Styling and dressing socks has never been easier.

Pssst! Rumpel Tacksuit Pants is matching with Rumpel Tracksuit Sweat. Dangerous combo!
Styling TIP! When you unzip your ankles, your sneakers stand out better.

51 €

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