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The very first winter jacket by Life is Porno.

The jacket is REVERSIBLE.Remove the sleeves to rock the vest. Anti summer protection. Waterproof and winter resistant.

Black on one side, special Life is Porno brand camo print on the other. Removable two sleeves.

You can find there removable straps inside the jacket that will allow you to put the jacket on your back like a backpack.

Removable drawstring hood.
Life is Porno reflective branding on the back.
Life is Porno vignette on left breast.
The Forbidden street culture vignette.
Two breast pockets.
Two pockets at the bottom of the jacket.

Lying to the police is never wrong!

187 €

Main fabric: 100% polyester
Lining 100% nylon
Dry clean only.
Made in China

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