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Life is Porno has always been about finding forbidden tastes. We got together with our fellaz - Czechoslovak chefs, whose art we extremely appreciate: Kamu, Přemek Forejt, Tomáš Valkovič and Martin Záhumenský.

The main idea was to create a Life is Porno food design.
The result is the first Life is Porno Chefs collection.
This is totally #onfire recipes that you will always carry with you on your back for sure.

LIP HAPPY PIL by Martin Záhumenský

Warning: It is quite possible that people around you will drool while looking at your new t-shirt.

35 €

Print with food on the front.
Written recipe on the back.
Vignette I Love Porno on the right backside.
T-shirt washes upside down at thirty.
Do not iron over the prints.
Do not solve oil stains.

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