Camping Mug


Stainless steel camping mug Ideal for your travels, camping, chilling at home - or just getting dizzy Cocktail friendly, coffee friendly and dish washer friendly, too

18 €
The mug will fit almost 3 dlc. of whatever. We spent several hard nights testing it, always with world-class bartenders.
Well, water works just fine...
Cocktails taste even better. So we've also got a cocktail recipe you can easily do at home - The Hunter's Mule:

50 ml Jägermeister

40 ml Forrest Fruit purée

120 ml Ginger Beer

Just add all the ingredients into the camping mug, add few ice cubes and stir. Then decorate with nice fruits you'll find in your fridge. Just like this?
But be careful, cocktail tasting makes us Young & Stupid...

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