365 EDITION: 11th Visual Drop 2

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Special visual drop. Along with the certificate of origin, you´ll also get a print of the caps by the illustrator Kickeez.

Buying a piece from the 365 edition will gain you access to the VIP group for our core fans. You'll also receive the certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by the artist.

185 €
Edition of three hundred and sixty five snapbacks - art works - which are being released throughout the year 2017. Each of them was painted over the last four years by the artist DIAN (who stands behind Life is Porno). Yes, four years:

All the 365 caps could have been seen only once during an exhibition at the Forbidden Spot. This "silent exhibition" (all the guests got headphones and could have chosen the music channel which fit their mood) became the biggest snapbacks exhibition in the world up to date. Have a look at the video:

Each cap is an original artwork. Purchasing a 365 cap grants you access to our secret group for the core fans where you can (not only) trade the caps. You'll also receive a Certificate of Authenticity - numbered and signed by the artist.
Caps are packed in a custom White Box, with the special 365 pin.

*A.C.A.B. = All Caps Access Backstage